Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 releases *TONIGHT* (Sept 1st) via a release party on Nerd Rock Radio via 8bitX, starting at 7pm EDT!

VOLTRON ABOVE, DON’T YOU *DARE* MISS THIS. Srsly, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life and there’ll be no way to resolve it. You don’t want that hanging over your head, do you?



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Oliver Wetter

abandoned iron giant at lake in swiss mountains
(aleksey savrasov’s lake in the swiss mountains)

kaijufornia spring
(albert bierstadt’s california spring)

a kaiju evening at the juniata
(thomas moran’s the juniata, evening)

godzilla in the mountains
(hermann herzog’s storm in the mountains)

howl’s moving castle at staubbach falls switzerland 
(albert bierstadt’s staubbach falls, near lauterbrunnen, switzerland)

at-at among the sierra nevada
(albert bierstadt’s among the sierra nevada mountains)

a visitor in yosemite valley
(albert bierstadt’s bridal veil falls, yosemite valleycalifornia)